Self-Driving Cloud Applications

Put your applications on autopilot mode in our AI managed environment

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Image Creator

What is Image Creator

Instantly install Apps. Easily deploy production ready apps. No more tinkering with Dockerfiles and manually provisioning databases.

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Instantly install apps

How it works ?

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Look for the application you are searching for

By using the search bar, you can find +1000 applications from our database & dockerhub

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Install application easily

Once you have found the application, you can instantly install the app. Don't forget to specify custom name, ports & environnement variable

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Ready to use!

You can now use your application peacefully. You can access it with HTTP or TCP/UDP adress.

Why Use our services ?

Our main objectives

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We offer different layer of security options. Users can choose the right security level that suits well for the application as well for their needs.

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User Friendly

The plateform is designed in a way that anybody from technical and most importantly the non-technical background can easily deploy and run their applications securly

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Your are not limited to one application from a list of applications that are supported. You choose to deploy and run any application that is publicly available on docker hub and also choose the application from your private docker registry by synchronising your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is free. However, applications can be ran for 2 hours only. Applications can be ran 24/7 with premium user option.

For now, you can install unlimited applications with our service.

You can choose either public. In that case, you can connect with username & password from anywhere in the internet. Otherwise if you want to limit the access, you can use vpn connection or limit the IP Adress from where you can connect.

For the free user there is no persistence, and for the premium user you can different type of persistence.

It will only take some few clicks and choose the deployment name/port/variable. And it's done.

Yes they are safe & secured. we provide different security option, you can choose the security option that suits for your needs.


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